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  • 22.09.2016 13:21 / "Кабар": Bishkek to host Fair of honey

    The honey fair will be open in Bishkek, on Friday, September 23 in the framework of the Health of the Nation program, the Union of Kyrgyz beekeepers public union reports. Organizers of the event said that, the fair will run until October 2. Its purp...

  • 08.09.2016 15:56 / "Кабар": The Diplomat: American Cowboys in Kyrgyzstan

    An American tries to heft the goat–about 70 pounds–onto his horse. Photo by Catherine Putz. By Catherine Putz CHOLPON-ATA — The handful of adventurous Americans who agreed to fly, with only two weeks notice, to Kyrgyzstan to play an ancient, brutal...

  • 01.09.2016 10:27 / "Кабар": 25 amazing facts about Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan celebrates 25 years of independence, here are a few things you didn't know about the country 1. They’re mad about Manas – and long poems The eponymous hero of the Epic of Manas, a poem of which the longest version extends to a truly epic...

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