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Kyrgyz football national team moves up one spot in FIFA ranking

Kyrgyz national football team moved up one spot in the updated FIFA rankings of the strongest teams in the world.

The results were published on the FIFA official website on December 18. Kyrgyz team has earned 146 points and was placed as the 152th among 209 teams. In the previous ranking, Kygryz team took the 153th place.

Kyrgyz team held two friendly matches against Chinese team on December 13 and 17. In both matches Kyrgyz team lost to Chinese football players with a total score of 0-6 (0-4 and 0-2 respectively). However, both matches were unofficial and did not influence the results of the ranking.

Germany was ranked as the first team in the rating, and was followed by Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Portugal, France, Spain, and Uruguay.

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