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Government reviews budgetary law principles for Safe City project implementation

The Government is reviewing the principles of the budget law for the Safe City project implementation, Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Abdyrakhman Mamataliyev said on December 19 at a meeting of the SDPK parliamentary faction.

Safe City is the first project, which was initiated by the Government in a public-private partnership.

"According to the preliminary calculations, the cost of the Safe City projects ranges from $42 million to $79 million. The project is planned to be funded by the tender winning investor,” the official mentioned.

"The investors will be compensated from the state budget at the expense of administrative fines for violation of traffic rules," Mamataliyev noted.

The amendments, which were proposed by the bill, will allow crediting the fines for traffic rules violation for the implementation of the Safe City project.

Safe City is a project designed for introduction of automated video surveillance systems with use of hardware and software system, which allows to identify and respond quickly to all sorts of violations and eliminate their consequences.

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