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69 women die in pregnancy, childbirth in Kyrgyzstan

69 women died in the period of pregnancy and childbirth in Kyrgyzstan over the past 10 months. The highest rate of maternal mortality is registered in Jalal-Abad (16 cases), Batken (14 cases), Naryn (9 cases), and Talas (3 cases) regions. The maternal mortality rate grew in Bishkek (5 cases).

The most common reason of maternal mortality is sepsis (17 cases, or 24.6%). Another reason is bleedings (17, or 24.6%), the third – pulmonary embolism (11 cases) and anaphylactic shock (2 cases).

Maternal mortality analysis shows that almost 23.32% of died women were migrants. The largest number of migrant women is registered in the cities of Bishkek and Osh, and in Chui region. 2.9 percent of died women were students, 39.1 were engaged in farm management, and 37.6 were unemployed.

81.2% were receiving medical care during the pregnancy period. Out of this number, 32.1% were observed in medical and obstetrical stations, 1.8% – in a private clinics in Jalal-Abad, 18.8% were not registered in any medical institutions during their pregnancies.

Despite the high coverage of antenatal care for pregnant women, 52.3% arrived to maternity hospitals in critical condition, which may indicate poor quality of the primary care.

A number of women, who died in the age of 40 or older, is growing as well.

The number of autopsies of dead women decreased, 24 bodies were dissected out of 69.

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