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Naryn traders protest at town's central square

About 10 people protested today at the central square of Naryn town.

The protesters claimed that corruption was rampant in the market they work at, and it was necessary to impeach the head of the municipal enterprise, Mukan Mambetakunov.

One of the protesters Burul Israilova said that the protesters' basic requirement was restoring order among traders at the central market. "We are asked to leave the places we work in, but there are no other places for us. Who is going to pay the loans for us?" she asked.

In response to the traders' requirements, mayor of Osh Rakhman Adiyev promised that the sales outlets, where the protesters worked, would not be demolished for a while. The final decision will be made by January 10.

Recently, city authorities have begun bringing order at the central market, which supposed withdrawal of traders from the market territory, which resulted in the protest.

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