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Justice development program presented in Osh

The Ministry of Social Development held a round table discussion on the presentation of the state program for the development of justice for children in the Kyrgyzstan for 2014-2018 in Osh, the Ministry's press service reported.

The implementation of the program requires the coordinated efforts of both government and whole society, according to Minister Kudaibergen Bazarbayev.

"The protection of children's rights and legitimate are a priority in the work of the Ministry. The main objectives for the protection of children have been implemented in the framework of the development strategy of social protection for 2012-2014. Many of the issues, raised before, are included in the new document," Bazarbayev said.

The Ministry intensifies efforts to support children in difficult situations.

"Currently, more than 300,000 children are on welfare. But solely payments will not solve the problem. Every year we note the growth of the "dysfunctional" families, which are both poor and wealthy families. The new program is aimed primarily at prevention of children's delinquency. But success, as well as social problems, come from families," the statement said.

Round table discussion was attended by representatives of the Parliament, Prosecutor's office, non-governmental organizations, etc.

Earlier, a similar presentation was held in Bishkek.

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