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Kyrgyzstan to build own unified system of gas pipeline in south by autumn 2015, Atambayev says

Kyrgyzstan will build its own unified system of gas pipeline in the south by autumn 2015, President Almazbek Atambayev said at the weekend to sum up activities for 2014.

“It was originally planned to build a North-South gas pipeline, the cost of which would amount to $1.3-1.5 billion,” he noticed. “Luckily, gas fields in the south were found. We do not have unified gas pipeline there, only separate branches. Now, we'll be able to create our own system of gas pipeline.”

“We've discussed this question with Moscow already. Even if Uzbekistan gives us gas all of a sudden, we're still going to build the natural gas pipeline... It's still better to produce gas by ourselves. We do see funding sources and the prospects,” the President noticed.

In addition, he mentioned a second project that is being considered by the Ministry of Energy and Industry. The talks are underway with companies from Stockholm (Sweden) on construction of a plant for the production of gas from coal in the area of Kyzyl-Kiya in Batken region.

In case construction of the plant is conducted, gas price may amount to $200 per one thousand cubic meters in Kyrgyzstan. “Probably, we'll even have an excess of natural gas and will be able to export it to neighboring countries, such as Tajikistan,” Atambayev said.

He admitted that the population of southern Kyrgyzstan lives in difficult situation now. “But these difficulties will help us to gain independence in gas supply and produce gas ourselves,” the head of state added.

President Atambayev added that diversification of energy supply in the south and in the north of the country assisted to improve the situation. Otherwise, “the whole country would be left without electricity and gas.”

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