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$5 million 679 thousand stolen in Osh airport belong to 4-5 companies

$5 million 679 thousand, which were stolen during the attack at VIP terminal of Osh airport, belonged to 4-5 companies, Osh Criminal Investigation Department Head Taalai Nurbayev said.

Most of them are Chinese companies, which sell their goods in Kara-Suu market. Nurbayev said that the stolen money were received from selling the goods.

Yesterday it was reported that the passenger, who was kidnapped by unknown persons in Osh airport, was dropped at Aravan district of Osh region.

According to preliminary data, he is a leader of Asman Tour company, which is engaged in the transportation of goods to China. The Asman Tour company, located in Bishkek, is not related to this case, MP Dinara Isayeva said.

During the attack near VIP terminal of the Osh city airport, five bags with money were stolen, the Ministry of Interior reported.

It was established that $5 million 679 thousand were in the bags. Investigative measures are continuing.

Unidentified persons broke into the room, which was located in the southeastern part of the checkpoint, where passengers were waiting for border time for Osh-Urumqi flight. Unknown persons, posing as members of the special forces, abducted passengers with bags of money near VIP terminal of the Osh airport on December 27, around 10 am.

Some of these people had Kalashnikov guns, four of them were dressed in black uniforms of special forces, some of them had black glasses on, one was holding a video camera, another was carrying a Makarov gun, according to the police.

A premises, where the attack was committed.

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