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Healthy newborn boy replaced with sick girl in maternity hospital No. 4, resident of Archa-Beshik claims

A healthy newborn boy was replaced with a sick girl in maternity hospital No. 4," husband of obstetric patient Kutman Mamadaliyev said on January 13.

He brought his 23-year-old wife Ainagul to maternity hospital No. 4 in night on January 10; at 02:30 am, after delivery, the doctors replaced the child, according to the man.

"It is not the first time my wife is giving birth. Before delivery, I was asked to go down to the second floor. Ainagul was giving birth on the third floor. When I came back to the third floor, I was told that my wife gave birth to a girl with a spinal hernia. When my wife had given birth, the child was taken away, and in a few minutes doctors brought the child back, and only then they said that a girl was born," he said.

The ultrasound examination showed that they would have a boy, Mamadaliyev said.

"Normally, four people are involved in the process of child delivery. However, 8 women were in the room, when my wife was giving birth, and it is suspicious," he explained.

Newborn girl was taken to the children's hospital No. 3.

"The girl is now in the intensive care unit, my wife remains in hospital No. 4. Doctors convince me that this is my daughter, but I have a paternal instinct, I'm sure they have replaced the child. Yesterday they called me and reported that the newborn girl had the surgery and she is now healthy. I called to the doctor of children's hospital No. 3, but he said that there was no surgery," the man said.

Mamadaliyev has invited journalists after the child was replaced, but the doctors of maternal hospital No. 4 refused to comment the situation, he added.

He wrote a letter to the prosecutor, the law enforcement agencies, and the Ministry of Health in order to attract the authorities's attention.

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