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Kyrgyzstan to release electronic book on Kyrgyz language

Kyrgyzstan will release the first e-book on Kyrgyz language, Minister of Education and Science Elvira Sariyeva said on January 13.

The electronic textbook for students of the 7th grade was developed by programmers from IT-Attractor company with the support of the Soros-Kyrgyzstan.

"This is the first step towards electronic learning. The tutorial has been tested in educational complex No. 12 in Bishkek, where teachers and students gave their assessment to the book," she said.

There was an idea to provide all students with tablets or laptops; however, first of all, it was necessary to develop the content, the Minister noted.

"Creation of electronic textbooks requires fewer resources than regular paper textbooks. Having created an electronic version of the textbook, we solve the problem of paper tutorials lack for those students, who have laptops or tablets," Sariyeva added.

Naturally, the Ministry tries to ensure that every students has a print version of the textbook, but the lack of money in our budget does not allow the Ministry to provide all students with their own copies of the books, the official concluded.

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