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Man confesses to beating 2yo child, denies sexual abuse – authorities

A man, arrested on suspicion of beating a 2-year-old boy, has confessed to beating but denied to raping the toddler, AKIpress has learned from the Interior Ministry.

The baby's parents are divorced and he was left to his father's care who later on left the child to his brother (boy's uncle who confessed to beating his up).

The father says he brought his son to the village Ozernoye in Alamedin district in Bishkek where his brother lives.

“The father arrived in his brother's house on January 10 to see his child beaten up. He then took his child to the children's hospital No.3 in Bishkek,” the Ministry of Interior said.

46-year-old uncle of the boy confessed the authorities that he beat the child up. However, he denied sexual violence charges brought against him.

The medical expertise assigned to the boy will reveal whether he was sexually abused or not, the doctors say.

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