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Vice Prime Minister instructs to prepare new draft regulation on nanotechnology development and develop law on industrial parks

A meeting of the Council for Nanotechnology Development chaired by Vice Prime Minister Valery Dil was held on January 15.

During the meeting, implementation of decisions taken at the last meeting of the Council and the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation signed by the Government of Kyrgyzstan, Rosnano JSC, and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs were discussed.

"The Council should summarize its activities in order to see results of the work and decisions we make. The nanotechnology should be widely implemented in the country's economy. Development of nanotechnology has two parallel and complementary functions, one of them is the scientific basis and the development of nanotechnology, the second one is the introduction of discoveries to the practical activities," Valery Dil said.

The Vice Prime Minister requested the Council to prepare a new draft regulation on the development of nanotechnology involving the media and civil society. Also, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Economy, and other agencies should develop a law on the industrial parks and continue to establish a venture fund.

"We need to encourage the financial support of science, without science there is no progress and the country will stagnate," Valery Dil said. The Vice Prime Minister noted the weak organizational work coordinating state agencies.

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