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Prime Minister Otorbaev visited Torugart in Naryn

During his working trip to Naryn oblast, Kyrgyz Prime Minister Djoomart Otorbaev got acquainted with the activity of the Torugart checkpoint and Torugart frontier post.

During the visit the head of the State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic Adamkul Zhunusov informed the Prime Minister that the checkpoint carries out border, customs, transport, health and phytosanitary control.

He added that to bring Torugart checkpoint in accordance with requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union it is necessary 13 million 120 thousand US dollars.

The Prime Minister, in turn, noted that due to the fact that the checkpoint has international status, it is necessary to make it work around the clock.

"Around the clock operation of the checkpoint will bring to an increase in traffic and will provide additional revenues to the state budget. In general, it has a positive impact on the economy of the republic," said Otorbaev.

At the end of the inspection, Prime Minister instructed the State Tax Service bring the work of the checkpoint in accordance with the requirements of the EEU.

The Prime Minister also visited the frontier post at the Kyrgyz-Chinese border.

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