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Ministry of Health, Aga Khan Foundation up to sign memo of cooperation for 2015-2016

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) intend to sign a memorandum of cooperation in the field of medicine for the period of 2015-2016.

The intention was announced during a meeting between Minister Talantbek Batyraliyev and Dr. Gijs Walraven, Director of the Aga Khan Health Services.

In addition, the sides discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation in healthcare sector. They necessitated working out the mechanisms of cooperation and practical solutions to specific issues in the sector.

The Aga Khan Foundation is currently working in many countries and has provided ambulatory care to 4.5 million patients, inpatient care to 250 thousand patients, and about 13 thousand people were provided with jobs, according to Dr. Walraven.

Due to the different social situation of the population in Kyrgyzstan, he stressed, the AKF wants to assist in development of the regions, particularly Naryn.

Batyraliyev thus expressed readiness to cooperate.

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