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Highest container rents in Dordoi bazaar passes

Dordoi bazaar entrepreneurs say there are some trade stagnation so far due to off-season, which in turn made the container rent costs go down by 20-30%.

But as soon as the seasonal sales end, the rental prices will rise again.

The highest rent prices are for those wholesale containers of the bazaar's located in the -4, -3, -2, and -1 passes. The -4 and -3 passes were built in 2014, -2 pass was added to the bazaar in 2008.

Dordoi bazaar, since 1990, is the largest clothing market in Central Asia with around 100 hectares of area and about 50,000 containers. Goods come from China, Turkey, Korea, India, Poland, Thailand and Russia.

Monthly tax amount collected from Dordoi is about 37 million soms, according to the state tax service chairman Zamirbek Osmonov.

Chairman of the association of markets, trade, and service industries Sergey Ponomarev said there is no accurate information on the trade turnover in the market as each businessman in there has his own bookkeeping. “I question the World Bank study that identified the trade turnover of Dordoi in 2008 at $8.10 billion as the biggest in the world market in France had 7.8 billion euro turnover in 2008 - about $10-11 billion. Referring to the World Bank data we can assume that the trade turnover nowadays has decreased by at least 60%, wholesale – 70-80%, and amount to $3-3.5 billion,” he said.

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