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Asia Mix KVN team to compete 4 groups in 1/8 finals of Major League

The compositions of teams for the 1/8 finals of the Major League of the Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted (KVN) in Moscow were defined.

20 teams, divided into 4 groups, will take part in the competition. The first game will be held on February 17.

The Asia Mix team of Kyrgyzstan will begin its third season in the Major League on February 25. The Saratov team of Saratov, Russia, the Team of Banquet Anchormen of Tatarstan, Russia, the S.U.R.A team of Penza, Russia, and the City Tour team of Novosibirsk, Russia will perform together with Kyrgyz team.

3 teams will win an opportunity to participate in the next round.

The Asia Mix has twice played in the same group with the Saratov. In 2014, Kyrgyz team managed to get ahead of the opponent, but in the quarterfinals of the same season, the Saratov took revenge and did not let the Asia Mix to the semifinals.

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