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Prospekt Mira might be renamed to Chyngyz Aitmatov Street

Members of the Parliament are considering a proposal of Bishkek mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov to rename Prospekt Mira to Chyngyz Aimatov Street on February 20 during a meeting of the SDPK parliamentary faction.

Originally, there was a number of proposals to rename Kievskaya Street.

"But then it was decided to allocate land for the construction of the museum named after Chyngyz Aitmatov near the Issyk-Kul hotel, in this context, we decided that it would be appropriate to rename the Prospekt Mira section from the railway bridge up to the Ala-Archa residence," Kulmatov explained.

The costs associated with the replacement of a sign along the entire length of the street and registering this in the State Registration Service will be allocated from the local budget.

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