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Batken oblast is working to preserve Aigul flower

There are about 100 places in Batken oblast interesting for tourists. Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of Kyrgyzstan in the above area Zhenish Razakov told today during a press conference at Kabar Agency.

According to his words, because of the Batken events in 1999, investors and tourists stopped to show great interest in this oblast. We want to make our region attractive for tourists. Last year, we held a forum, where all our beautiful places were presented. In cooperation with South Korea and Japan now we are working on 8 tourist projects, he said.

Razakov also noted that from year to year, Aigul flowers, which are a symbol of Batken oblast, are becoming fewer. We started activities for conservation of this flower, have developed a program in cooperation with the State Agency of Environmental Protection. This flower grows only on one mountain, which is currently fenced. This year we will supply watering and plant some trees, Razakov said.

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