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AKDN presents findings of hazard report to Naryn authorities

A detailed Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment report was presented to Amanbai Kaipov, the governor of Naryn region, and Rakhat Adiyev, mayor of Naryn town, by the Diplomatic Representative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Shamsh Kassim-Lakha.

The report outlines specific natural hazards and potential risks to Naryn town, its residents and infrastructure along with specific mitigation measures which can be adopted to mitigate their impact. It has become the result of extensive desktop studies and field research carried out by the Mountain Societies Development Support Program (MSDSP KG), an initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation, in partnership with local authorities at the regional and town levels along with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Focus Humanitarian Assistance, an affiliate of the AKDN.

“We would like to acknowledge the support received from the local administration in carrying out this study which we hope will make an important contribution to the town’s planning and development,” noted Shamsh Kassim-Lakha.

Communities in the Kyrgyzstan’s mountainous regions are highly susceptible to seismic and non-seismic natural disasters, including impact from changing warming and drying weather patterns. In this regard, MSDSP KG is working on increasing community resilience to natural disasters and climate change impacts through assessing the associated risks, preparing communities through trainings, facilitating the development of disaster mitigation plans and implementing community-level projects.

The Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme is a locally registered public foundation which seeks to improve the livelihoods of select communities in Kyrgyzstan’s mountain areas. The program implements a range of integrated interventions in rural development, education, and health which converge in villages and are implemented in collaboration with and between community-based groups and local government authorities. Disaster risk reduction, enhancing local governance, and improving climate change resilience are cross-cutting themes across MSDSP KG’s work. The program area includes the mountainous districts of Alai, Chon-Alai and Kara-Kulja in Osh region as well as Naryn and At-Bashi districts in Naryn region.

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