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Prime Minister Sariev get acquainted with the work of bean processing enterprise in Talas

Within the framework of his working trip to Talas oblast, Prime Minister of the KR Temir Sariev visited the bean processing plant "Green Agro", the Government’s press office reports.

Speaking to local people, the Prime Minister noted that the price of the bean is not established by the state bodies.

"No one public authority is not acting as an intermediary between the farmers who grow the beans and wholesale buyers. Companies set prices independently. The price of beans depends on the situation on the world market. You should also take into account the quality of the beans. In Kyrgyzstan, the product quality is poor. To improve this situation, it is necessary to establish an association for sale of the bean. The state authorities will help train farmers on recultivation and crop rotation to improve the quality of products," said Sariev.

The Prime Minister said the government will consider the sale of beans in Turkey, where the price per kilogram is 60 soms.

"We need to help farmers to sell the beans, which amounted this year to 70 thousand tonnes, until the end of December. At the same time to support domestic agricultural producers in 2016 we will start to build greenhouses and vegetable stores," said Sariev.

Note that the "GreenAgro" is the only company that buys beans from local residents. The price per kilogram of beans makes about 35 soms.

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