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OSCE-supported regulatory reform project in Kyrgyzstan brings first results

The results of the first stage of an OSCE-supported legislative reform project aimed at stimulating growth and reducing corruption were the focus of the third meeting of the Regulatory Reform Council held today in Bishkek.

During the first stage of the reform project, 34 state bodies conducted an in-depth inventory and self-assessment of the legal acts regulating the business activity. In total, 3,344 legal acts have been reviewed using guidelines and checklists developed by the international company, Jacobs, Cordova & Associates. The outcomes of the assessments conducted by the state bodies will be reviewed and analysed by the business community and they will provide their feedback.

“We have strong political will and desire to create favorable conditions for business by simplifying the regulations and procedures,” said Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev, who chairs the Regulatory Reform Council, the body overseeing recommendations for legislative reform. “There is strong support from local and international experts to implement the reform.”

Sergey Kapinos, the Head of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, said: “Today’s council meeting demonstrates that there is a need to improve and streamline the business regulatory framework with the active participation of the business community.”

Kapinos noted that the OSCE strongly supports the Kyrgyz government in creating favorable conditions for a competitive business environment and economic growth.

During the meeting, additional 47 priority administrative procedures were presented. Half of these were recommended for elimination due to being outdated or being seen as conducive to corruption.

The Council was established in November 2014 by Prime Minister’s Decree to oversee the Systematic Regulatory Reform project, and to review and approve the proposed legislative acts that are recommended as a result of the reform.

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