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Kyrgyzstan should pay attention to strengthening statehood and unity of people – Atambayev

Kyrgyzstan should pay attention to strengthening statehood and unity of people – Atambayev

The first meeting of the council of preservation and development of national culture was held under the supervision of President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev on January 28, reports the press service of the President.

The council was created by the President's decree to improve efficiency of works of the government bodies and civil society institutions on educating the new generation of Kyrgyz citizens, attract representatives of creative intellectuals, public and expert community to the works on formation and implementation of state policy in the field of culture.

Atambayev said that the country should pay special attention to strengthening the statehood and the unity of the country's people. "It is impossible to improve the human potential without development of culture", he said.

Writer Beksultan Jakiyev noted that Kyrgyz people should preserve the national mentality and values, that, in fact, do not contradict to the religious (Islamic) principles.

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Information Altynbek Maksutov informed about the plans of the Ministry on further development of culture for this year and for the future. More than two thousand cultural events, including the second World's Nomad Games, are planned this year. These events are aimed to raise the country's status, preserve the national traditions and popularization of culture, he stressed.

A number of other participants of the meeting performed their speech with proposals and remarks at the meeting.

The council members also discussed the adopted measures and plans on improving the state language.

Atambayev tasked the council members to develop specific proposals on development of national culture and support the activities of cultural workers, creative intellectuals and the talented young people.

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