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UNDP will continue cooperation with local self-governments

UNDP will continue cooperation with local self-governments

The United Nations Development Programme in Osh (UNDP) is holding a coordination meeting with the representatives of pilot Local Self Governments (LSG) of Osh and Jalal-Abad oblasts. Key cooperation areas such as democratic governance, peace and development, crisis prevention and recovery, and sustainable development are being discussed in the meeting.

The main objectives of the event is to review the interim results of the UNDP in 2015 in every targeted community, as well as coordination with national partners the implementation of the joint plans for 2016. Representatives of the state bodies and local governments in Osh and Jalal-Abad are taking part in the meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity to present the current development of the Programme focusing on positive trends and opportunities offered by the new phase of the UNDP grants in 2016.

During the meeting, heads of Kosh-Dobo and Baltagulov Ayil Aimaks have made presentations on the results of the activities held in the last year and shared their views on the development in the region. “We highly appreciate the long-term cooperation with the UNDP in the implementation of a number of Government’s initiatives and are thankful to the Project staff for their constant assistance and guidance in coordinating issues for reducing conflict potential, and for their active work in the field of municipal and legal services. This is one of the most important directions, which delievrs residents of remote villages with the public services, raise their awareness and trains civil servants the standards of services in our country”- said Mamatysak Zhaparov, head of Kosh-Dobo Ayil Aimak.

UNDP Osh Area-Based Development (ABD) Programme traditionally holds annual meetings with national and international partners, where the results of the work held in the framework of the Programme during the previous year and achieved results are discussed.

Ms. Mira Subankulova, Manager of the ABD Programme expressed hope for active cooperation with both development partners and national stakeholders in the implementation of the projects within the new phase: “This approach allows us to increase the level of coordination and partnership interaction that insures maximum collaboration in achieving practical results and their sustainability”.

UNDP Osh ABD Programme is implementing a number of projects, including three projects of “Peacebuilding Fund”, “Youth for Peaceful Change”, “Women – Peaceful voters and candidates”; two projects funded by the Government of Finland - “Aid for Trade” and “Access to Justice”. In the cooperation with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, all projects of the Programme aimed at improving the living standards and conditions for sustainable development through a complex program integration approach, using modern and effective methods of development, the capacity of local institutions and development experience of intersectional partnership.

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