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Debate on improving inter-ethnic relations in focus of OSCE-supported conference in Kyrgyzstan

An OSCE-supported conference aimed at promoting national unity and inter-ethnic harmony through improving inter-community relations took place today in Batken, southern Kyrgyzstan.

The event brought together representatives of the Kyrgyz government in Chui, Jalalabad, Issyk-Kul, Naryn and Osh provinces, as well as the Muftiat, the country’ religious authority, and members of local self-government bodies from across Kyrgyzstan.

“The OSCE strongly promotes inter-ethnic harmony and it is one of the priority areas of our work,” said John MacGregor, Deputy Head of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek.

Zhenish Razakov, the representative of the Kyrgyz Government in Batken region, stressed the importance of OSCE-supported events in addressing issues related to conflict prevention, strengthening good neighborly relations and stability in the region.

The event was jointly organized by the office of the government’s representative in Batken region, in co-operation with the OSCE Centre in Bishkek and the United Nations Development Programme.

This conference is part of the OSCE Centre’s programme on promoting peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan.

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