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“Made with Italy in Kyrgyzstan”

The Russian sanctions on fresh produce from Europe, and more recently Turkey, have forced European and Turkish manufactures to find new ways to keep their foothold in the Russian market. A new model of export oriented cooperation between Russia and former Soviet States is now taking shape, with the purpose to produce in Russia and in several Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member countries, according to FreshPlaza.

The new initiative “Made with Italy” is being promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development as a new way of transferring technological know-how and other forms of cooperation to countries that enjoy the benefits of their membership of the EEU and are free from any form of sanctions.

The project “Made with Italy in Kyrgyzstan” was recently submitted to the Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz Chamber of Commerce as well as to different business associations such as the International Business Council (IBC), the Bishkek Business Club, and the Young Entrepreneurs Association. In addition, many private entrepreneurs participated in the presentation of a new approach of Italian manufacturers to produce Italian goods in Kyrgyzstan for further export to Russia, Central Asia and eventually to China.

The proposed scheme may bring in to Kyrgyzstan technological know-how, advanced design and brands, qualified management and other forms of cooperation in addition to an established market relationship acquired by Italians through their long-term connection with Russian companies and buyers. A survey has identified several sectors where the Kyrgyz may bring a considerable contribution of skills and raw materials, such as agro processing. This is a key area of industrial cooperation, with the large production of Kyrgyz meat, milk, chickens, fruit and vegetables — products that are in high demand in Russia and for which the present sanctions have considerably reduced the import.



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