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Advisors and experts of Kyrgyz Parliament discuss promoting human rights in the legislative process

The OSCE Centre in Bishkek and the Regional Office for Central Asia of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR ROCA) completed a training course in Bishkek today for 35 advisors and experts of the Kyrgyz parliament on promoting human rights in the legislative process.

The two-day training course aimed at enhancing the knowledge of parliamentarians on human rights principles.

National and international experts shared their know-how with participants on the international human rights standards, and the United Nations Human Rights Treaty System and its mechanisms. They also discussed the role of parliamentarians in promoting and protecting human rights, the principles of equality and non-discrimination as well as the relations between the state and other actors.

“Today’s training course is an important step towards ensuring that new laws will be drafted in compliance with these principles for the continuous democratic development of Kyrgyzstan,” said Daniele Rumolo, Senior Human Dimension Officer at the OSCE Centre in Bishkek. “Following the successful organization of parliamentary elections in October 2015, it is necessary that Kyrgyz authorities continue to meet their obligations and implement the relevant OSCE commitments on human rights.”

Ryszard Komenda, OHCHR ROCA Regional Representative, said: “It is critical that advisors and experts working closely with members of the parliament are fully versed in and committed to international and national human rights standards in order to propose and adopt legislation that is in full compliance with them. This training course represents one way in which OHCHR supports Kyrgyzstan to protect and promote human rights.”

The training course is part of the OSCE Centre’s project on strengthening democratic governance in Kyrgyzstan.

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