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Missing woman from Issyk-Kul flew to Moscow — police

Police identified the location of a woman from Karakol town reported missing since July 27, Issyk-Kul regional police reported.

The 29-year-old Ekaterina Lyashenko, who left home on July 27 to work and did not return, is currently is in Moscow.

During the checks, it was established that she flew to Moscow after registration in Manas airport.

The woman on July 27 worked until 12:45 pm and disappeared. Her mother appealed to police on July 28.

Investigation revealed that Lyashenko prior to her disappearance wrote an explanatory letter to the director of the bank, where she worked, that she made a mistake during the work and there was a shortage in the client's card in the amount of 182,000 som. However, after some time she repaid that amount of money to the client. Then she wrote the second letter, where she requested to dismiss her on her own wish.

All colleagues, friends and relatives have been questioned during investigation.

As a result of investigation, the law enforcement officers found out that the woman left for Moscow.

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