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FIFA Football Academy built in Osh

FIFA Football Academy built in Osh

. The construction of the residential and academic building of the FIFA Football Academy has been completed in Osh. The opening ceremony is scheduled for August 25, 2017, Mirlan Israilov, the head of the department of town-planning and municipal property at the city administration of Osh told Kabar Agency.

He said that 25 rooms are built in the residential building for future students, three people will live in each room, each room has a shower room and a bathroom. In addition to these rooms, there are two large classrooms, a cloakroom, technical rooms, facilities for teaching staff, dining rooms, etc.

“About 70 pupils will study at the Academy, "he said.

The project is being implemented and financed by FIFA, the Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic is the customer of the construction. The total amount of construction of the football academy is $ 1 million. About 5 hectares of land were allocated for the construction of the building by the Osh Mayor’s Office.

Two mini football fields are built, besides, construction work is under way to create two more mini football fields and two large football fields that meet international standards.

The Football Academy will be the only one of its kind in Central Asia.

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