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Kyrgyzstan ranks 60th in rating of hospitable states

Portal Passport Index published a rating of hospitable countries, where Kyrgyzstan ranked the 60th.

According to the website, the results are revealed based on the number of citizens of how many countries the state is ready to miss without visas. 81 countries can enter Kyrgyzstan without visas, while in the Maldives, Mozambique and Madagascar all 198 countries of the world can enter without visas.

Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Syria and Turkmenistan are not ready to let everyone into their country. To get there, you need visas or other permits.

It is worth noting that Kyrgyzstan in the rating bypassed Kazakhstan, which ranked the 74th, Russia (83rd), as well as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which are ranked the 96th.

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