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Switzerland helped to open a kindergarten in Aleksandrovka rural municipality in Chui province of Kyrgyzstan

Switzerland helped to open a kindergarten in Aleksandrovka rural municipality in Chui province of Kyrgyzstan

On March 19, 2018, a kindergarten was inaugurated in Besh-Koruk village in the rural municipality of Aleksandrovka in Chui.

One hundred new places for children between 2.5 and 6 years are created. This has been achieved with the support of the local municipality and the project “Strengthening Voice and Accountability" funded by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Development Policy Institute.

The Swiss-funded project allocated 1 million soms and the local municipality contributed 100 thousand soms to renovate and equip the kindergarten with furniture, kitchen equipment, blankets, office equipment and music instruments. This is the result of a local community initiative, which was selected under the Small Grants Program of the project.

The municipality of Aleksandrovka cooperates with this project to adopt a participatory budgetary process, which allows for better alignment of the budget on the needs of the population and greater accountability of the municipality towards the population. Indeed, residents of the municipality are involved in local decision-making and in monitoring budget execution.

The head of the community monitoring group Raziya Livaza said: “It is as if a dream came true! Now we are confident that all issues can be solved through our active participation and through the joint efforts of the residents and the municipality. Our voices are heard when local budget expenditures are discussed. The local administration and local council members respond to our needs and solve our priorities.”

“As a representative of the Swiss Government, I am pleased to hear that the inhabitants of the municipality could enter in a constructive dialogue with the municipality to decide on their priorities and select this project. Participation of citizens in decision making is essential for effective, efficient and accountable governance. Furthermore, the project has enabled the village to open its first kindergarten!” - said Véronique Hulmann, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Kyrgyz Republic.

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