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Nooruz celebrated in Germany

Nooruz celebrated in Germany

The Public Association Ordo of Kyrgyzstan held an event on the occasion of Nooruz holiday in the city of Munich (Germany) on March 17, 2018, the press service of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Germany reported.

Honored Artists of Kyrgyzstan Asel Turdaliyeva and Syimykbek Beishekeev were invited to the event who created a special atmosphere of the evening.

Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in Germany, Erines Otorbaev in his welcoming speech specified the importance of holding such celebrations for Kyrgyz people, where conditions are created for new acquaintances and exchanging of views and thanked the compatriots for organizing the evening.

Conducting similar events has become a good tradition, which strengthens friendship and mutual understanding between compatriots who are in Germany.

The evening was attended by Kyrgyz citizens living in cities of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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