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Mongolian Embassy to appear in Bishkek

Mongolian Embassy to appear in Bishkek

Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs Damdin Tsogtbaatar submitted adraft parliamentary resolution on the expansion of the Consulate General of Mongolia in Kyrgyzstan's capital city to an Embassy to Parliament Speaker Miyegombyn Enkhbold on March 21, Montsame news agency reported.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy discussed and backed the promotion of the status of the Mongolian Consulate General in Bishkek on February 1, 2017. Following the decision, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs forwarded its proposal to the Kyrgyz side, which thus approved the establishment of the embassy.

Mongolia established diplomatic relations with Kyrgyzstan in 1992, since when bilateral ties have been continually developing in political sphere with increased frequency of reciprocal visits. There are 18 agreements effectively regulating bilateral cooperation at present, and 10 more documents are on agenda. There is no political conflict between the two countries, and Mongolia considers Kyrgyzstan as its important partner in the Central Asian region.

Ancient historical and cultural connections bring Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan closer. There are cultural similarities deriving from the shared nomadic civilization in terms of livelihood, traditional attire and food. Holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passports are allowed mutual visa-free travel.

Through Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia can engage in major economic projects in the Central Asian region, export its products to the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union and Turkmenistan and Iran, and import oil and gas from these countries.

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