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Robots contest in Bishkek

Robots contest in Bishkek

The robot contest took place on March 22 in Bishkek. Over 40 junior university students with around 15 robots took part in the event.

Zurha Nadirova, the only young woman among contestants, said it was easy to make a robot. “We decided to make a Turtle Tanker from the Star Wars, but did not have enough time to realize our idea. So, we have made a dog instead. Its operation principle is simple: it walks like an animal,” she said.

Another contestant said he wanted to focus on design. “My partner suggested that the robot should look like a Lego dinosaur. We had difficulty with movements of our robot. When we wanted the robot to move forward, it would either go left or right. We have solved this problem with a remote control in the phone. So, the robot is controlled through bluetooth,” the contestant said.

The first prize was won by 3rd year students Beksultan Daniyarov and Jirgalbek Beishenkulov. The second prize went to another 3rd year students Talant Umetaliyev and Alihan Idirisov. The third prize was awarded to 3rd year student Talgartbek Sarkeev.

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