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Kyrgyz Prime Minister dismisses head of National Energy Holding

Kyrgyz Prime Minister dismisses head of National Energy Holding

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov held a meeting on the results of the work of the Interdepartmental Commission set up by the decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to clarify the reasons for the accident at the Bishkek Thermal and Power Plant (TPP) on Jan. 26 of this year, the Kyrgyz Government’s press service reported.

The head of government, having considered the conclusion of the Interdepartmental Commission, instructed the relevant state bodies to take its decision to execution. In particular, to increase the stability of the heat supply system of the republic and prevent such situations in the future, improve the legislative base in the field of energy, strengthen the control and supervision of the readiness of equipment of enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of the republic for the autumn-winter period.

"I got acquainted with the conclusion of the Commission and came to the conclusion that the situation at the Bishkek TPP is an immense negligence that led to such consequences when the whole city was left without heat in the winter time, therefore, it is impossible to forgive such a thing," Isakov said. .

In addition, the Prime Minister instructed to take comprehensive measures to implement the Action Plan to ensure the reliability of the energy sector enterprises in the country in 2018 in order to successfully complete the forthcoming winter period.

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister instructed to dismiss Aibek Kaliyev, Chairman of the Board of National Energy Holding OJSC and Uzak Kydyrbaev, General Director of Electric Stations OJSC.

"I decided to dismiss Aibek Kaliev, who, being the head of the National Energy Holding, is responsible for the preparation of companies for the winter-heating period. I was waiting for the results of the investigation of the Interdepartmental Commission. In the process it became obvious that National Energy Holding could not even clearly explain to the deputies and the general public the main topics on modernization of the TPP," Isakov said.

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