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A Greenhouse was opened in Ak-Suu orphanage house within Karagat+ project

A Greenhouse opening ceremony took place in Ak-Suu orphanage house in Teploklyuchenka village last Friday. Launching of a greenhouse was made possible thanks to Karagat+ Project implemented by Avep Public Foundation with the financial support from Kumtor Gold Company.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of local government of Ak-Suu district, officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Repblic, Kumtor employees and Avep foundations’ workers. KR Minister of Education and Science, Kanat Sadykov, and Avep Foundation Director, Maksat Abdykaparov, cut the red ribbon and officially declared the Greenhouse open.

The goal of launching such innovative greenhouse at the orphanage house is to provide an additional source of funding for the children’s home, as well as to provide an opportunity to have organic vegetables throughout the year. The total area of the greenhouse is 112 square meters.

Representatives of Karagat+ project will provide technical assistance to staff members of the orphanage in order to support greenhouse agriculture development, and will conduct a series of consultations on the cultivation of crops in such conditions.

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