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14 unemployed apply for one vacancy in Kyrgyzstan

On 1 September 2014 official rate of unemployment amounted to 2.3%. 14 unemployed people apply for one vacancy which is provided by employment service in Kyrgyzstan. Press service Ministry of labour, migration and youth told KyrTAG on Monday.

«Although the number of population in the country is 5 mln 832.7 thousand people, Kyrgyzstan is estimated to have about 93.1 thousand unemployed people. That is to say 14 unemployed people apply for one vacancy», - said the department.

However, with a steady rise of unemployment and shortage of vacancies, 31.9 thousand vacancies offered by employment service, 6.7 thousand left infilled. Mainly such vacancies are for welders, drivers, sewers, electricians tractor drivers, i.e mostly blue collar professions. While out of 118.7 thousand unemployed who turned to oblast employment services, have higher education. In order to fix the disbalance, 5.6 thousand people were sent to professional trainings to increase their competitiveness.

«Deficit of professional specialists can be explained by the fact, majority of promising specialists leave for abroad, to Kazakstan or to Russia, that is why the country suffers from lack of workers in these spheres», - the ministry said.

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