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In Kyrgyzstan inflation is lower, than in neighboring countries

In Kyrgyzstan the level of inflation is considerably lower, than in neighboring countries. National bank of KR told KyrTAG Friday.

«Inflation in Kyrgyzstan in 2004-2013 was moderate (on average within 5%). In January-September period of 2014 inflation made up 4.7% (in Russia rise in prices since the early year on 22.09.14 was 6.1%), in Kazakstan in January-August period of 2014 - 5.4%»,- informed the National Bank.

It is worth to note, the rate of soms devaluation is lower than the main trade parners of Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyzstan, after the impact of external factors, increase of US dollar rate to som since early year totaled 10.8%, when in Russia in January-September period of 2014 devaluation of russian rouble reached to 20.6%, in Kazakstan - to 18.1%.

Kyrgyz Republic since 1993 adopted a floating mode of currency exchange rate. Within this mode, fluctuations of exchange rates are natural phenomena and linked with market condition to a certain period of time. Guided by the acting policy of floating exchange rate, the National bank can smooth sharp fluctuation of exchange rate by making currency interventions.

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