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To meet foreign delegations in national clothing, suggested in Kyrgyzstan

Jogorku Kenesh deputy Damira Niyazalieva offers to oblige all state officials and deputies to meet foreign guests in national attire. She told at a parliament session Thursday.

Niyazaliva explained, that the bill does not forbid wearing business clothing, as put in the protocol. «One can just add a scarf to the national clothing, embroidered with national elements, in case somebody wants to put a chapan (thick coat), and somebody - an elechek (women’s hat)», - she added.

But deputy Karamushkina opposed saying it is wrong to dictate people what to wear and what to not.

«Now I am wearing clothes with national elements, and doing it voluntarily, but when the law tells people what to wear, it will be quite unpleasant for people», - she noted.

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