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Cheap belarussian milk and meat can monopolize Kyrgyz market inside CU

Kyrgyz milk and meat producers are concerned that their belarussian counterparts will seize Kyrgyz market. The vice president of association of suppliers and producers of milk and meat products Adilet Bekboev told at a round table Thursday.

«We are assured, that after we join Customs union, prices will up and farmers will have a chance to earn more. How far will the prices go up? Belarussia provides CU market with 95% of milk and over 98% of meat, there is a prognosis, that belarussian milk will be cheaper than our domestic one. It was voiced by the minister of Agriculture of Belarussia», - said A.Bekboev.

In his turn deputy minister of Economy of KR Danil Ibraev told, that meat production in Kyrgyztsan is quite weak, our home prices are lower than that of Belarussia’s, therefore we need to enlarge meat production.

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