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9-grade student of Suzak school dies

A student of the 9th grade of the secondary school named after Kochkonbai Abdraimov located in Suzak district (Jalal-Abad region) died at the district hospital on November 21, Chief of the Suzak Police Department Nurbek Janybekov told Turmush.

More than 60 people were questioned into the case, he added. Analyzing data obtained during the questioning, three other students were detained for 48 hours. At the moment, there are two main hypotheses on the reasons to cause death of the boy.

Thus, the investigation found out that a mass brawl between school students occurred in the village on October 26 that might have caused injuries and subsequent death of the boy.

Also, the student participated in an equestrian competition on November 9, when he fell from his horse and broke his leg. 10 days later, he was hospitalized to undergo the surgery after which he was placed on intensive care. A day later, he died.

The doctors explained that the child died of injuries to internal organs. The exact cause will be known after the examination.

Meanwhile, parents of the deceased student appealed to launch a criminal prosecution into hooliganism. The investigation is being continued.

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