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Kyrgyz chess player passes qualification for FIDE master title

Chess player from Kyrgyzstan Semetei Tologontegin passed the qualification for a title of FIDE Master, President of the Chess Federation of Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Turpanov told a press conference of AKIpress on November 26.

Tologontegin took part in the “Sharjah Capital Of Islamic Culture Chess Championships Open.” He scored 7 points of 9 possible. This result allowed him pass the need normative for a title of international FIDE master with 2400 points in total.

On December 1st, FIDE will publish an updated report card on Tologontegin's rating.

He only has to submit the necessary documents.

“Now we will think about the title of grand master. To do this, his rating must reach 2500 points,” said Turpanov.

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