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More than 200 Kyrgyz schools want to use multilingual education model - Ministry of Education

The multilingual education model project received 214 applications, which indicates the relevance of the implementation of this study program, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Toktobubu Ashymbayeva said on December 4 at the Results of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development round table held in Japan.

"The Unity in Diversity pilot multilingual project selected 30 schools and 5 preschool educational organizations in 8 districts. In total, 214 applications were received, including those from schools with Kyrgyz language of instruction. Out of these applications, 116 were from schools with Russian language of teaching, 13 - from schools with Uzbek language of teaching," Ashymbayeva said.

The analysis of application and surveying parents, students, and teachers proved the relevance of the multilingual education implementation in Kyrgyzstan, Ashymbayeva noted.

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