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Vice PM for Security: All traffic police officers convicted of extortion, bribery must be dismissed without right to reinstateme

Vice Prime Minister on Security and Border Issues Abdyrakhman Mamataliyev held a meeting on December 8 on actions of the Road Patrol Service under the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan, the press service of the Government reports.

Opening the meeting, the Vice Prime Minister noted that he started to receive more complaints from the citizens about increasing number of traffic police posts and unfounded inspections of their vehicles.

“We need to take action and restore order within the structure of the Road Patrol Service. All officers convicted of extortion and taking bribes must be dismissed without the right to reinstatement,” Mamataliyev stressed.

Chief of the Road Patrol Service Sergei Dyachenko briefed about the mobile squads established to inspect the movement of road transport and the whole observance of law and order in the city.

“It is possible that the citizens could consider the mobile squads as traffic police... However, these squads are primarily aimed at prevention and solution of crimes in hot pursuit in case of emergencies,” he explained.

Following the meeting, the participants were instructed to take control of the situation on the roads, stop cases of unjustified inspections of transport by traffic police officers, as well as to strengthen the standard-setting activities.

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