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Parliamentary committee sends back for revision bill on publication of revenues, expenditures of political, state and municipal

The parliamentary committee on ethics and procedural rules sent back for revision the amendments proposed to the law on declaring and publishing information about revenues, liabilities and property of individuals holding political and other special public positions, as well as their close relatives.

The bill suggests to increase the list of persons who are required to file declarations on their income and property, and include those individuals who hold political, special public and municipal political positions.

Thus, income declarations of governors, heads of local administrations and mayors, chairmen of councils, heads of districts are to be published.

The bill proposes to oblige these persons to present and publish data on their expenditures.

During the discussion, MP Cholpon Sultanbekova expressed concern that the bill could be used as a “weapon in political games” because of the lack of screening criteria on income and expenses.

MP Torobai Zulpukarov, meanwhile, asked about existence of similar law in other countries. He expressed concerns that strict monitoring of expenses and income could lead to certain difficulties.

Following the discussion, the committee decided to revise the bill.

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