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Witness protection office launched within Kyrgyz Interior Ministry

The Office for Witness Protection has been launched within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, the Ministry said in a release on December 11.

The opening ceremony took place on December 10 with participation of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kursan Asanov and representatives of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek.

The Ministry has signed a deal with OSCE Centre in Bishkek on cooperation in improving the the material and technical base of the office. The OSCE Centre has given the new office of the Ministry necessary equipment worth 805,000 soms and will also provide methodological and technical assistance to the office in the future.

The office has been launched relying on the experience of developed countries and it will operate as an independent operational unit under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The main task of the office is to ensure security of persons subject to state protection due to participation in the court hearings as witnesses.

Order on providing the state protection to persons is given by a judge, prosecutor, investigator and chief of the inquiry body in charge of the criminal case.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for coordinating the work on this issue, as more than 80% of criminal cases are investigated by the internal affairs bodies.

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