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Labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan to be able to work in Russian legal entities on patent basis without quotas

Russia abolishes quotas for labor migrants since January 1, 2015 that will allow them to work in legal entities on patent basis, the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Youth of Kyrgyzstan said.

Earlier in Russia, foreign nationals could work on basis of patents for individuals and on basis of permits for legal entities. At the same time, the Russian Government affirmed working quotas for issuance of permits for work in legal entities. In 2014, working quota made 1.6 million people, while the Federal Migration Service reported about 13 million labor migrants from different countries.

Thus, working quota did not cover the entire demand of legal entities, and many labor migrants simply could not receive the required permits for work. Through intermediaries, cost of these permits reached 40 thousand rubles ($730).

In December 2014, Russia adopted amendments to the law that allow to work in legal entities on basis of patents thus abolishing the quota system. Labor migrants will be able to be legalized.

The cost of a patent will be determined by each region separately. The patent can be extended up to 1 year, and the Russian Government will not determine the limit for the number of patents.

While crossing the border, a citizen claims “work” as his/her purpose of visit and must apply for a patent within 30 days. They will be issued at migration service offices and the authorities of the regions.

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