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Kyrgyzstan will host the 3rd summit of tourism ministers of the Turkic Council

In early June of this year Cholpon-Ata resort town of Issyk–Kul region will host the 3rd Summit of the tourism ministers of the Cooperation Council of Turkic speaking States (Turkic Council). The press service of the Ministry of Culture, information and tourism of KR with reference to the Secretariat of the Turkic Council reports.

The Ministers of tourism together with tourism operators and business representatives will consider an international project "Modern Silk Road". Participants will consider the approved tourist routes along the Great Silk Road.

Also the issues of the Second World Nomad Games and participation of member states of the Turkic Council. will be discussed.

Participation of the head of the World Tourism Organization to the UN Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the Turkic Council Ramil Hasanov and the delegation headed by the tourism ministers of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey is expected.

Recall that in early February of 2016, Vice Minister of culture, information and tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic met with Secretary General of the Council Ramil Hasanov. Taking into account that in 2016 the Kyrgyz Republic presides in the Turkic Council, the parties agreed to hold the next Summit of Ministers of tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

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