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Kyrgyz court allows to block harmful web resources

Kyrgyz court allows to block harmful web resources

The Oktyabrsky district court of Bishkek allowed to block harmful web resources in Kyrgyzstan, the press service of the Prosecutor General reports.

By the decision of the Oktyabrsky district court of Bishkek on Feb. 10 the access to harmful Internet resources will be closed. The decision is aimed at ensuring information security and protection of the rights of minors, the report says.

The court bans to spread the information on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic posted on social networking applications, the so-called "Group of Death".

The virtual games propagated by the use of Russian language hashtags, translatable as “#SeaOfWhales,” “#BlueWhales,” “#WhalesSwimUpwards” and “#WakeMeUpAt420.”

According to game rules, anonymous administrators give participants, or “whales,” a series of bizarre real-life tasks, such as drawing a blue whale on one’s wrist and then photographing the result as evidence. The last task of the game is to commit suicide.

The Kyrgyz authorities take measures to prevent attempts of suicides among minors, who play these games.

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