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Experts of Ministry of Education, UNICEF and EU determine priority sectors of education

. Experts from the Ministry of Education and Science, UNICEF and the European Union held a consultative seminar on setting priorities for the analysis of the education sector.

Specialists of the Ministry of Education presented a vision of long-term development of education (2020-2040) and medium-term plans of activity in the field of education (for 2018-2020). The thematic working groups, consisting of experts from different levels of education, have developed road map projects to create a system in thematic areas in order to increase access, quality, equity and efficiency at all levels of education, starting with the early development of children.

In addition to this key task of building the road map, the participants identified the most critical problems of the education system for in-depth study and research that could be undertaken over the next two months to strengthen the strategic analysis of the education sector, the press service of the Ministry of Education reported.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Salidin Kaldybayev says that the system of education requires a system analysis.

"Conducting the assessment of the sector is becoming doubly relevant for us, as in 2018-2019, work will be carried out on a new strategy for the development of education - until 2030 or 2040. It should be developed within the framework of a common country development concept, and be based on a clear understanding of the state of the education sector," said Kaldybaev.

Currently, the strategic analysis of the education sector is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science with the technical and financial support of UNICEF and the Global Partnership for Education.

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