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Russian designers actively use Kyrgyz national carpets in their interiors

Russian designers actively use Kyrgyz national carpets in their interiors

Russian designers have chosen and actively use Kyrgyz shyrdaks (national carpet made of felt) in their ideas and interiors. In particular, they use them in designing offices and living quarters, chairman of the association of domestic producers Bakyt Degenbaev told.

He said that the softness of the felt, the harmony of colors, the authenticity, the hidden symbolism of each pattern give the rooms a special charm, emphasizing the special status of the place.

"Thanks to the diligence of our craftsmen and their unlimited talent, Kyrgyz shyrdaks boldly walk the planet, filling new spaces with our spirit, culture and philosophy. Shyrdak has now become a symbol, which helps to easily find out the country of origin," Degenbaev said.

According to the website designstory.ru, all products, whether it's a carpet, a decorative pillow or a pouf, are made by hand by Kyrgyz craftsmen using the old technology.

Felt is made from a sheep's wool, which is sheared at a certain time, and then carefully cleaned, beaten with special sticks and stained. The technique of making a felt cloth is interesting itself, which resembles an appliqué pattern.

The craftsman imposes a felt of one color on another, then cuts both layers of felt along the certain pattern at once. Then a dark felt is inserted into the white felt, and vice versa.

As a result of this technology, there appears two mirror-like ornamented surfaces. Finished canvases are characterized by a restrained decor and surprising durability, they can serve up to 50 years and more.

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